Best bed frame for active couples – Top 3 best bed frame for active couples reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

It is embarrassing when others know about your lovemaking sessions because of a noisy bed. It can kill the fun as well.

To avoid this, it is a good idea to go with bed frames made explicitly for active couples. These do not make noise and ensure that you are comfortable during your lovemaking session as well.

The question is, which bed frames are these?

I will share with you the 3 Best bed frame for active couples below, along with a buying guide to help you choose one right away.

1. Zinus Dachelle Upholstered Platform Bed Frame


One thing that is for sure is that platform beds are better for active couples. That is why; most beds on this list are platform beds. This one as well.

Also, with two color options, aesthetics will not be a problem when going with this bed. Apart from that, there are numerous size options available as well.

When you speak of aesthetics, it consists of one fabric upholstery. However, the framework consists of steel material. You get elegance and durability. The aesthetics are improved even more.

Apart from the steel frame, it consists of wooden slats. However, they are so strong structurally that you will not have to worry about them squeaking at all.

When you go with Queen or King size, it can support 700 lbs. That is the reason it is suitable for active couples. You will not have to worry about the bed breaking down because of the weight.

It does not require a box spring as well. That is why you can use a memory foam mattress, latex mattress, or even a spring mattress. Since you have control of the mattress, you can choose the most comfortable one. The choice is yours.

Easy assembling ensures that you do not need to buy any parts or tools separately. Detailed instructions are included, which makes it easy for you to assemble it. Assembling it will require a couple of hours at most. As long as you’re two people, you will be able to assemble it in under 90 minutes. That is why you can start using the bed on the same day.

The lesser-known feature of this bed is that the wooden slats are placed very close to each other. That is why the overall support which you get is excellent. The proximity of the wooden slats is another reason this bed does not produce any noise.

When it comes to aesthetics, you won’t have any complaints about it. Moreover, if you’re picky about the color, there are options, as I have highlighted above.

Whether you have modern decor or traditional one, this bed can serve you well.

Thus, when you’re looking for a bit suitable for active, aesthetically pleasing couples, it doesn’t get any better than this.

  • Available in size and color options
  • Numerous wooden slats
  • No squeaking sound
  • Steel framework
  • Works with any mattress
  • High weight carrying capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Tufted headboard
  • Detailed instructions available
  • Packaging could have been better

2. Home Life Premiere Classics Cloth Black Linen 51″ Tall Headboard Platform Bed


With six different size options available, you have plenty of choices when going for this bed.

I like this bed for active couples because it is a platform bed that consists of numerous lights. Slats are famous for providing proper support to the mattress and for reducing any sound as well.

Since you get slats, you do not need a box spring mattress. That is why; you will be able to use any of your preferred mattresses on this bed.

Today, I will shed light on the king-size bed. The dimensions of the king-size option are 89″ x 85″ x 51″. Consequently, the amount of space you get on this bed is excellent.

The headboard provides excellent aesthetics as well. The height of the headboard is 51″.

The linen material of the headboard makes it comfortable in case you come in contact with the headboard.

The weight carrying capacity of 500 lbs is why it is such a good choice for active couples.

You cannot go wrong with different size options and high weight carrying capacity.

  • High weight carrying capacity
  • Available in six different size options
  • Platform design
  • Consist of numerous slats
  • Works with any mattress
  • Linen headboard on offer
  • Comes in two boxes instead of one

3. ZINUS Brock Metal and Wood Platform Bed


Acacia wood construction makes this bed quite sturdy. Apart from that, it also ensures that there is no wear and tear even when active couples use it.

Natural wood grain further enhances the aesthetics of this bed. A slated headboard ensures that it can become the center of attraction in your bedroom.

When you observe the headboard, you will realize that it consists of metal and brass tones. Due to the same, it certainly stands out among the other bed options.

Without looking at the platform dimensions, choosing a bed is a mistake. This one consists of a 7-inch platform. 7-inch size means that it will work well with any mattress.

Even when you keep the mattress, there is space on all four sides. That is why this bed is quite comfortable.

Apart from the features mentioned above, it also uses a steel framework. Due to the same, it can handle the weight of active couples quite easily.

Assembling is easy since you get instructions and accessories along with it.

Compatibility with any mattress ensures that you can choose the mattress of your choice.

Platform height of just 7 inches also ensures that it is great for active couples since it will not result in dents or cracks.

The bed can easily handle a weight of up to 600 lbs, and that is why it is a good option for active couples.

Natural wood grain design and numerous other features make it a reliable choice.

  • Natural wood and steel construction
  • High weight handling capacity
  • Compatible with any mattress
  • Low-profile design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Hardware quality can be better.

When searching for beds for active couples, choose between these options to buy the best beds which can handle weight and do not make any creaking sound.

Bed frames for active couples buying guide

Things to consider before buying the bed frame:

When comparing these bed frames, consider things like:

• Material:

The material of the bed frame plays a crucial role. If it consists of slats, that will further minimize the noise and movement of the mattress. If you do not want a creaking sound from the bed, you need to go with sturdy materials, like wood and steel.

• Weight handling capacity:

Wear and tear can also lead to a squeaking sound. In case the weight carrying capacity of the bed is low, the wear and tear will be higher, and chances of the bed making noise will also be higher.

To ensure this does not happen, it is good to choose bed frames with a weight carrying capacity of 500 lbs or more.

• Aesthetics:

A bed frame is also the center of attraction of any bedroom. Consequently, you cannot ignore the aesthetics of the bed frame while choosing one.

• Size:

Bed frames for active couples are available in the Queen size, King size, California King size, and so on. You have to decide how much space you need and choose the size variant after that.

• Assembling:

If assembling a bed frame is difficult, it will take a lot of time. To avoid this, it is essential to look at the assembling mechanism and ensure that you choose an easy to assemble bed.

• Type:

It is imperative to consider the type of bed and then take a call. Ideally, for active couples, a platform bed is good enough. However, there are other types of bed, like raised bed which can serve you well.


Which bed frame material is suitable for active couples?

When choosing a bed frame for active couples, the material of the bed frame plays an important role. It determines whether the bed frame will be able to handle the load or not. Certain materials fare better than others when it comes to handling load. I will highlight these materials below. You have to try and buy a bed frame made up of these materials.

1. Wood:

Wood is one of the most sturdy materials available when it comes to a bed frame. It can handle the weight of active couples quite easily. However, you have to keep in mind that if the bed is only made of wood without any metal, there might be a clicking sound, and the bed will be quite bulky and expensive. If you’re okay with both, you can only go with the wooden bed frame.

2. Steel:

Steel is a bit better choice when it comes to bed frame material for active couples. It can handle heavy weight and can last for years together. Also, it does not make the clicking sound either. Assembling a steel bed frame is easier since it is comparatively lightweight. The only enemy of steel is rust. However, if you’re going ahead with the steel bed frame, make sure it has a powder coating. In that case, it will have adequate protection from rust.

3. Metal alloy:

Metal alloy provides all the advantages of wood and steel without any disadvantages. To start with, it does not make the clicking sound. The metal alloy is lighter than wood and steel in most cases. Also, rust won’t be an issue if the metal alloy is composed properly. Assembling a metal alloy bed frame is easier.

Thus, if you’re buying a perfect bed frame for active couples, you have to ensure that they are made from either of these materials.

What should you do with your old bed frame and mattress?

There are services online that take your old bed frame and mattress for recycling. The refurbishing services are available as well. It is good to search for one online and give your bed and mattress to them rather than throwing them away.

Is a platform bed better for active couples?

Yes, a platform bed is better for active couples.

Can you take extra steps to minimize bed noise?

Using a thicker mattress is undoubtedly one of the best ways to minimize bed noise.

Why does my bed creak when I move?

It can be because of wear and tear, due to which the bed joints can have a loose end or gap might have appeared between them. You can call a carpenter to mend the same.

Do wood bed frames squeak?

Not necessarily. Wooden bed frames are similar to other bed frames when it comes to squeaking.

Do adjustable bed frames squeak?

Yes, adjustable bed frames squeak because of the way they are constructed.

When you’re looking for the bed frames for active couples, my list above can serve you well. No need to experiment with the bed frame; go with the best by choosing from the list above.

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