Black bunk beds with stairs – Top 3 best bunk beds with stairs black reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

It makes perfect sense to go with bunk beds when you’re short on space. However, for the upper occupant to climb easily, you need to choose bunk beds with stairs. As for the aesthetics, it is always good to go with the universal color like black.

To help you choose such beds, I’ve gone through hundreds of options to compile a list of the three best black bunk beds with stairs. These are listed below, along with a buying guide so that you can choose between these three options.


1. Walker Edison Dunning Urban Industrial Twin over Double Metal Bunk Bed


The advantage of this bunk bed is that the below one is a double bed, and the above is single in size. That is why three people can easily sleep on this bed.

The lower one can handle the weight of 450 LBS. The upper one can hold 200 LBS. It means that the overall sturdiness of this black bunk bed is excellent.

The stairs make it easy to climb the bed above. Also, the above one consists of guardrails. It is entirely secure to sleep on the overhead bed.

For assembling, you get step-by-step instructions. It means that even if you haven’t assembled a bed before, you can assemble this one quite easily.

The stability is such that the bed will remain in place, and do not worry about any scratches on the floor.

The alloy steel construction is another reason to go with it. Despite alloy steel, the polish on top means that you won’t have to worry about corrosion. Once you buy and install this bed, it will last for years.

In case you are worried about the mattress, the below and the above bed can handle mattresses between 5 inches to 9 inches. It is compatible with any mattress.

You don’t need a box spring mattress.

Thus, go with this one if you’re looking for a bed that offers more space and is of the bunk style.

  • Can accommodate three individuals
  • High weight carrying capacity
  • Compatible with any mattress
  • Comes with ladder
  • Includes guardrails
  • Step-by-step assembling instructions
  • Needs a bit more space

2. DHP Miles Metal Bunk Bed


In case you need a usual black bunk bed that can accommodate two individuals, you should consider this option.

The integrated ladder and the guardrails ensure that climbing on the bed and sleeping securely is easy.

The exact dimensions are 77.5″ x 41.5″ x 54″.

The clearance is 37 inches. That is the clearance between the beds.

The lower bed and the upper bed can handle 200 LBS and 250 LBS, respectively.

When it comes to mattress compatibility, each bed can handle a mattress of 6 inches. It is easy to use any mattress you prefer.

The sturdy metal construction means that wear and tear is not an issue.

Since you get the bed in a single box, it is easy to assemble it.

The bunk bed style means that it is space-saving. The industrial design makes it suitable for any decor.

If you look at the size of the mattress, each of the beds can accommodate two twin-size mattresses. The overall amount of space which you get is excellent.

With everything on offer, you certainly cannot go wrong with this black bunk bed that comes with stairs.

  • Metal construction
  • Compatible with twin mattress
  • Includes guardrails and ladder
  • Adequate weight carrying capacity
  • Space-saving design
  • Finishing can be better

3. Merax Metal Bunk Bed

The highlight of this bed is the trundle. If you want to accommodate three persons, this is another good option. Do not pull out the trundle if you want to accommodate two persons.

The upper bed can handle 220 LBS. The lower bed and trundle can handle the same. This is the perfect option if you frequently have guests around but do not want a big bed.

The reason why it can handle such a lot of weight is the steel metal frame. It consists of slats. The mattress can get proper support. There will be no sagging in between. The slats ensure you can use any mattress.

On the above bed, you get guardrails of 12.8 inches. If kids sleep on the upper bed, they will be completely safe.

You can easily accommodate three Queen size mattresses on this bed.

Along with the trundle, you get four casters that are easy to slide. Out of these four, two are locking. That is why it becomes easier to lock the trundle in place. That way, the person sleeping on the trundle can also sleep securely.

The bottom bed can handle a mattress of 8 inches, and the upper bed and trundle can hold a mattress of 6 inches.

Thus, if looking for black bunk beds that consist of stairs and a trundle, you can consider this option.

  • Includes a trundle
  • High weight carrying capacity
  • Compatible with twin mattress
  • Does not require a box spring
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Assembling takes time

Whichever type of black bunk bed you’re looking for, along with stairs, the list above will fulfill your requirement. To choose between these black bunk beds, consider the buying guide below.

Black bunk beds with stairs buying guide

Things to consider before buying black bunk beds with stairs:

Compare the above beds on parameters like:

• Mattress compatibility:

You have to consider the thickness of the mattress and the type of the mattress, and the size of the mattress. After considering these, you will get a clear picture of the mattress you can and cannot use.

• Construction:

It should be made from metal. Only then can it handle a cumulative weight of 400 LBS or higher.

• Aesthetics:

The polishing, as well as the finishing of the bed, should be up to the mark. That way, it will fit into any decor.

• Assembling:

If it takes 2 to 3 days to assemble, assuming that you’re assembling it part-time, that is not a good deal. It should be quick to assemble.

Compare the different bunk beds above on these four parameters and after that, choose one.


What is the usual clearance of black bunk beds with stairs?

The usual clearance of such beds is around 6 inches to 8 inches from the ground. However, the typical clearance is upwards of 24 inches between the above and the bottom bed.

What kind of mattress can you use with black bunk beds with stairs?

You can use any mattress with such beds as long as the thickness of the mattresses around 6 inches to 8 inches.

After going through my list above, choosing the best black bunk beds with stairs is not difficult. Only after enormous research have I compiled this list. So, it includes only the best black beds.

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