Best full size bed frame with headboard – Top 3 best full size bed frame with headboard reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

A full-size bed frame is not only sturdy but provides you with plenty of space. Also, when you buy one with a headboard, it is aesthetically pleasing.

The question is, which are the bed frames in this category?

After comparing hundreds of options, I have compiled a list of the best full size bed frame with headboard below. After checking out the options, you will find a couple of bed frames that meet all your requirements.

1. Zinus Paul Wood and Metal Platform Bed with Slat Support

Sturdiness is why this full-size bed is on top of my list. Of course, it has a pinewood headboard as well. That goes pretty well with the sturdy steel frame that it has.

The reason it is sturdy is because of the 7 leg support which it has. Due to the same, you need not worry about the bed shaking or suffering from any problems.

Squeaking sound is not present due to the numerous slats on offer. Wooden slats ensure that the mattress support is excellent as well. Additionally, it is compatible with any mattress you want to use.

Another reason why the noise is absent is because of the padded tip used in the steel frame.
If you’re wondering about dimensions, those are 75.5” x 54.5” x 41.5”. Take a look closely at the dimensions, and you will know that it is precisely a full-size bed. That is why, if you’re looking for a spacious bed, you won’t find any issue with this one.

Usually, when buying a bed, you have to deal with complicated hardware and spend a lot of time assembling the bed. Firstly, you get detailed instructions and not the hardware. The step-by-step procedure ensures that assembling will not require a lot of time.

The sturdy bed can, of course, carry a lot of weight. The total weight carrying capacity is 500 lbs. That is why, even if the occupants are overweight, they can use this bed easily.

The sturdiness of the bed and the exact full-size dimensions make it a good choice.

  • 7 leg support
  • High weight carrying capacity
  • Steel frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Works with any mattress
  • Pinewood headboard on offer
  • Packaging needs improvement

2. GreenForest Full-Size Bed Frame with Headboard


Many times, going with the minimalistic bed is a good choice. However, still, you would need a headboard. This one fulfills both of those requirements. The design is pretty minimalistic. Not only that, you get two color options. That is why; you have some choice when going with this bed.

Before you look at any other feature of this bed, it is essential to look at the kind of support on offer. In the middle section, it has four sturdy legs. It has six legs in total. With so many legs, needless to say the bed is one of the most stable ones you can find.

Frame is of metal. However, powder coating on top ensures that you won’t have to worry about corrosion. Even if you experience a humid climate for a better part of the year, this bed will last for years together.

With so many features to make the bed sturdy, it does not surprise that it can handle 990 lbs.

Wondering about the dimensions?

The dimensions of the bed are 78.5” x 54.25” x 35.43”. The dimensions of the compatible mattress are 75” x 15”.

These days, most homeowners prefer to use the space underneath the bed. If you are one of them this one has a clearance of 11 inches. Such a clearance ensures that you can do that easily whether you want to store the bag underneath or something else.

Compatibility with any mattress is another reason to go with this full size bed. It has 10 square slats in total. The slats can handle the weight of any mattress. Whether you’re using hybrid matters or any other, there will be no compatibility issues. Besides that, it does not result in any noise due to the sturdy design.

When you get the bed, every part of the bed will have proper labels. In the manual, you will have detailed instructions. Once you combine both of these, you can assemble it in no time.

The minimalistic design of the bed coupled with the high weight carrying capacity helps it stand out.

  • Minimalistic design
  • Includes a headboard
  • Powder-coated metal construction
  • Compatible with any mattress
  • The vertical clearance is 11 inches
  • Easy to assemble
  • Finishing can be better.

3. Home Life Premiere Classics Cloth Platform Bed Full with Slats


In case you’re looking for something elegant, you can go through the bed, which I am highlighting now. Of course, it is of full size. If you’re very particular about the dimensions of the bed, those are 85” x 64” x 51”. It means that if you have space in your bedroom for a full-sized bed, you can accommodate this one quite easily.

Linen platform design ensures that it is extremely soft to touch. Such material also means that the durability is excellent as the frame of the bed discovered with linen, and therefore there is an extra layer of protection.

Needless to say, the platform bed design also has slats. Slats make it easy for you to fold the mattress together. Also, due to the multiple slat support, the mattress will stacking even after a few years. That is why; you will be able to use this bed for a long time.

Since you do not require any box spring mattress, you will be able to use the mattress you prefer. You need not compromise on your comfort just because you’re going with this bed.

When you’re buying a full-sized bed frame, it is a good idea to look at the weight carrying capacity of the bed. Only when you’re clear about the same you can decide whether you need this bed or not.

This one is a weight carrying capacity of 500 lbs. Two adults can use this full-size bed with this weight carrying capacity quite easily.

The linen design and proper support certainly help it stand out.

  • High weight carrying capacity
  • Linen platform design
  • Multiple slats incorporated
  • Compatible with any mattress
  • Easy to assemble
  • Number of legs can be more.

While there are a few options available when looking for full size bed frame with headboard but these are the best ones available. Still, if you aren’t convinced about these, take a look at the buying guide below to choose the best.

Full size bed frame with headboard buying guide

Things to consider before buying full size bed frame with headboard:

Compare these full-sized bed frames on parameters like:

• Design:

Just because it has had headboard does not mean that it is bulky. You have to look at the type of design. It can be minimalistic or noteworthy. You have to decide which one you prefer and choose accordingly.

• Mattress:

Nobody likes to use a particular mattress because they are buying a sure bed. You need to get a bed frame that can work with any mattress. That is why; you need to choose a bed that does not require a box spring and works with any mattress.

• Assembly:

Only if you can assemble the bed yourself is it worth buying.

• Sturdiness:

You have to look at the frame of the bed. It should be made from wood or metal. You have to look at the quality of the material and ensure that it can last for years. Only then will you be able to opt for that full size bed.


Are full size bed frames with headboard only available in retro style?

No, such beds are available in modern and trendy styles as well.

Are full size bed frames with headboard challenging to assemble?

Since you get the hardware and installation instructions, such beds are easy to assemble.

Can you change the headboard in full size bed frames?

Yes, you can change the headboard in such full-sized bed frames.

Without spending weeks and if research, now you can go with the best full size bed frame with headboard once you take a look at the list above.

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