Linen bed frame queen – Top 3 best linen queen bed frame reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Many times, you might look for a very particular bed frame. The problem is that even when you’re particular in your requirement, you can come across hundreds of options. For example, when you’re looking for a linen bed frame queen, you will still have to choose between numerous options.

Today, however, I will help you out. I have compiled a list containing 3 best linen bed frame queen. Once you go through this list of linen queen bed frames, there is no need to browse the entire collection of such frames.

1. Classic Brands Mornington Upholstered Platform Bed

The Queen size means this bed measures 66″ x 88″ x 40″. The classic linen color makes it aesthetically pleasing.

Besides that, it has a modern design. Due to this, you can amalgamate it into your room without modifying anything else.

The upholstered platform headboard ensures that it is soft on your head. During sleep, even if you move around, there is no risk of an injury. Besides that, the upholstered headboard is aesthetically pleasing.

The foundation consists of wooden slats. It has strong center support. Due to the same, whichever type of mattress you want to use with this bed, you can do so. The Pinewood ensures that wear and tear isn’t a problem.

In case you’re wondering about the size of the headboard, it is 3.25 feet tall. The legs are 8 inches.

The softer linen tufted upholstery means that it is easy on your skin and aesthetically pleasing.

It is not necessary to use a box spring mattress for this bed.

Since this bed ticks all the boxes for linen bed frame that is queen-sized, it is on top of my list.


Modern design
Tufted upholstery
Compatible with various mattresses
Comfortable headboard
Extremely durable


Assembling takes time

2. Pulaski Mason All-in-1 Fully Upholstery Tuft Saddle Bed

The eye-catching design of this bed makes it better than many other options. You get the bed along with the headboard, football, side rails, as well as slats. Since you get the entire package, once you assemble it, it looks aesthetically pleasing.

The dimensions are 88.19″ x 65.75″ x 68.5″.

The soft white linen upholstery further enhances its appeal. It also ensures that the bed can go with any decor.

The tufted design is another reason why you should go for it.

The 100% polyester material ensures that it is incredibly gentle to touch and long-lasting in design. No need for replacement anytime soon.

The assembling is such that it takes 60 minutes. That is why it is easier to assemble than the other bed frames.

The polyester material and the eye-catching design certainly help it stand out.


Polyester material
Tufted design
Easy to assemble in 60 minutes
Includes various accessories


Limited assembly instructions

3. Classic Brands Coventry Upholstered Platform Bed

The dimensions of this bed are 67″ x 87″ x 51″. That is why it is the classic Queen size.

The timeless design means that there is no need to worry about the decor of your room. The upholstered headboard and bed frame can make it the center of attraction in any room.

It consists of a wooden slat foundation which makes it durable. At the center, there is additional support. That is why you can use any mattress which you want.

The rectangular headboard certainly makes it aesthetically pleasing. The height of the headboard is 4 feet. The 8″ solid wooden legs ensure that you can keep it on any floor easily.

When you look at the upholstery, it is diamond-stitched and tufted. It is incredibly soft to touch.

No need for the box spring for the same. That is why it is even easier to use.

The platform design means that once you choose an appropriate mattress, the level of support that you get is excellent.

Thus, when you’re searching for the linen bed frame queen, this bed won’t disappoint you.


Diamond stitched design
Extremely heavy-duty construction
No need for a box spring
Platform design


Packaging needs improvement

Now that you know the three best linen bed frame that are queen-sized, it is time to look at the buying guide to choose between these 3.

Linen bed frame queen buying guide
The buying guide will cover four parameters on which you can compare these beds.

Things to consider before buying a linen bed frame queen:
You should compare the linen queen bed frames on things like:

• Exact dimensions:
Even though it is of the Queen size, it is best to know the exact dimensions. That way, you can decide whether it will fit into your room or not.

• Construction quality:
You have to look at the materials used in construction. Besides that, you have to look at the level of support on offer. Once you judge the bed on both these things, it is easy to choose a sturdy one.

• Aesthetics:
The design can vary from one-bed frame to another. Not every design will go well with the decor of your room.

It is essential to compare them based on aesthetics. That way, right from the start, you can choose one which is aesthetically pleasing.

• Assembling:
Only when the bed frame is easy to assemble can you go ahead with it. If you have to call a professional, you will have to shell out an additional amount, which is not feasible.

Comparing the linen queen bed frame on these four parameters helps you choose the right one. I will now answer FAQs regarding such beds.


Can you store anything under the linen bed frame queen?
The storage space under such beds is minimal because the legs are often between 8 inches to 12 inches. Whatever you store will be stored in open space.

Do linen bed frame queen squeak?
No, these bed frames are quite sturdy and do not squeak.

Is linen bed frame queen compatible with memory foam mattresses?
Yes, they are compatible with memory foam mattresses.

Is linen bed frame queen easy to clean?
Yes, you can easily clean such a bed frame by vacuuming and removing the dust.

No need to go through numerous options to choose the best linen bed frame queen. My list above will suffice. These are the best among the countless options available.

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