Best mattress for back and shoulder pain – Top 3 best mattress for back and shoulder pain reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

When you’re suffering from pain like back and shoulder pain, the choice of mattress becomes essential. You need a mattress that can provide you with relief from back and shoulder pain. However, comparing hundreds of mattresses to understand the layers and composition of the same is not easy. That is why we have done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the best mattress for back and shoulder pain.

The list below consists of these mattresses followed by a buying guide so you can choose between them easily.

1. ZINUS 12 Inch Ultra Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress


When dealing with any kind of pain, all the mattress layers become extremely important. Only when they work well together will you get relief from that pain. I will now go into each of the layers of this mattress to help you understand why they can provide you with relief from back and shoulder pain.

On the top, you get a cool soft knit cover. The cover is breathable. Also, since it is soft, there is no irritation when it comes in direct contact with your skin.

Immediately after that, the cover is 3-inch gel-infused memory foam. The property of the memory foam is that it conforms to your body. That is why it supports them, whether it is your back or shoulder. This is why it can provide you with relief from such pain.

Below that is the 4-inch base foam layer. This one ensures that the mattress does not sink. However, there is another unique feature; this one is infused with green tea. Because of the same, it absorbs any odor and makes it easy to use the mattress for a long time.

The last layer is the 5-inch base foam which again consists of green tea. While both of these layers might seem the same but the density is different, the level of support they have on offer is also different.

In a nutshell, every layer is designed to provide support to your body. Whether you sleep on the side, back, or stomach, this mattress provides you with proper support.

Earlier, I spoke about the cover on top. However, what I did not highlight is that it supports 7-zone ventilation. Because of the same, the level of ventilation you get is much higher than any other mattress.

This mattress is available in 4 different size options. Apart from the size options, it is also available in 3 thickness options. According to the overall mattress’s thickness, the layers’ thickness will also vary. The composition that I have highlighted above is for the 12-inch thickness. In case you need a thinner mattress, 8-inch and 10-inch variant is available.

If you’re wondering about the firmness of the mattress, it can be categorized as medium foam. The fact that it is not too soft and not too hard either is another reason it can help you eliminate that pain.

The conforming nature of the mattress to your body is why it can provide relief from back and shoulder pain. Add to that the excellent ventilation this mattress provides, and it is easy to understand why it is on my list.

  • Seven zone ventilation system
  • Excellent support
  • Compatible with all sleeping positions
  • Available in different size and thickness options
  • Does not sag
  • Odor resistant
  • Medium firmness
  • Green tea-infused design
  • Edges can be better

2. Classic Brands Cool Gel Chill Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress


When dealing with any pain, the layers of the mattress become important. Rather than just looking at the firmness, you have to look at the layers it has on offer. Since this mattress is good for eliminating back and shoulder pain, I will start by highlighting the various layers of this mattress.

To start with, it has an overall thickness of 14 inches. However, it is important to understand how this thickness of 14 inches is distributed among the different layers.

The layer on top is the 3.5-inch gel memory foam layer. As we all know, gel memory foam conforms to the shape of your body. It means that you get proper support, whether it is for your back or shoulders. Also, this is no ordinary gel memory foam. It has cooling properties as well. It means that you can regulate your body temperature in a much better way. Better regulation of body temperature helps you with proper blood circulation that will also help you reduce pain and have a refreshing sleep. The fact that your body is well-rested when using this mattress will further help you relieve pain.

Below that is the support foam. That support form layer is 2 inches. This one also has cooling properties. Apart from that, the job of this layer is to ensure that the mattress does not sag or sink. To do the same, you can use it on any bed without any worry.

The mattress only consists of three layers. The bottommost layer is 8.5 inches. This, however, consists of the higher density base foam. The advantage of this layer is that it can handle a significant amount of heat without suffering from wear and tear or sinking. It means that even if a heavy person uses this mattress and sleeps on it together for years, you won’t have to worry about it sinking.

With such a high level of support and stability, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this mattress can provide you with back and shoulder pain relief.

Now that you are aware of the support it provides, it is essential to look at the uppermost layer that covers the mattress. After all, you will regularly come in contact with this cover.

The good news is that it has a stretchable knit fabric cover. The stretchable design means that the cover will remain in place no matter how much you move around. The waterfall edge ensures that getting in and out of bed by taking support of the edge is certainly possible.

The medium firmness ensures that sleeping in any position on this mattress isn’t a problem.

Also, despite the fact that it is not a hybrid mattress, it is designed so that the motion transfer is low. This is possible only because of this mattress’s thick, high density base foam layer. It means that if you or your partner moves around a lot in sleep, this mattress is perfect for you.

With 6 size options available, it is easy to get this mattress according to your bed type.

This mattress’s cooling features, motion isolation, and excellent support make it a perfect choice.

  • Extremely stable
  • Medium firmness
  • Cooling design
  • Provides proper support
  • Available in different size options
  • Thickness of 14 inches
  • Packaging can be better.

3. Purple GelFlex Grid Mattress


The excellent support this mattress offers is why it is suitable for individuals suffering from back and shoulder pain. Like always, it is essential to look at the layers of the mattress to better understand why it can help you eliminate pain.

To start with, on top, there is a soft Flex cover. The cover is breathable. Of course, it is soft on your skin and therefore won’t cause on your skin even if your skin rubs against it.

Below that layer is the 2-inch flex grid. The advantage is that it has hundreds of different chambers that allow you to easily hold down your body. It aids the breathability of the mattress. This layer is also why the mattress is known as the grid mattress.

If you look at the construction material of this grid, it consists of gel. Because of the same, it cools down the mattress and also your body.

Below that is the original comfort form. The advantage of this layer is that it will conform to your body but not sag. It means that even if you’re on the heavier side, the mattress will not sag, so your body will get proper support. The design of this layer is such that it provides support over all the joints and pressure points of your body. Because of the same, whether you’re suffering from shoulder or back pain, this mattress will provide relief.

The entire design is hypoallergenic. It means that you won’t have to worry about allergies. Also, the food-grade materials in use ensure that even if you have sensitive skin, you won’t have to worry about any irritation on your skin.

Another property of this mattress is that it comes with an instant response feature. It means that when you sleep on this mattress, it will instantly conform to your body. As you change your sleeping position throughout the night, the mattress will also readjust. That way, whichever position you are sleeping in, this mattress will conform to your body and relieve the pain.

With seven different size options, you can buy the perfect one for your bed.

Medium firmness ensures that whichever sleeping position you sleep in won’t cause pain or discomfort. It will conform to your body and therefore provide excellent comfort.

The breathable design, numerous size options, and excellent support make this mattress a good choice if you suffer back and shoulder pain.

  • Available in 7 different size options
  • Excellent support
  • Conforms to your body
  • Breathable construction
  • Extremely softcover
  • Hypoallergenic design
  • Should offer more motion isolation

If there is any confusion regarding these mattresses, refer to the section below to understand how to choose from these mattresses.

Mattress for back and shoulder pain buying guide

Things to consider before buying a mattress for back and shoulder pain:
The best way to choose between these mattresses is to compare them on parameters like:

• Layers

The layers of the mattress will determine the comfort that the mattress offers. That is why; choose a mattress that offers you cooling layers and layers that can conform to the shape of your body. That way, the support you get is excellent.

• Size compatibility:

The mattress is only useful if it goes well with your bed frame. That is why always take into account the size of the mattress and the options available and choose the mattress accordingly.

• Sleeping positions:

The mattress should be compatible with any sleeping position. The mattress should be comfortable whether you sleep on the side, back, or stomach. Only then is it worth buying.

• Cover on top:

The cover on top should be hypoallergenic and extremely soft. In that case, even if it rubs against your skin, you will remain comfortable.

Below, I will answer a couple of questions regarding such mattresses to help you understand how they can help you relieve pain.


Is it better to sleep on a hard or soft mattress?

A soft mattress won’t provide you with proper support. That is why; you might end up suffering from pain. Consequently, it is better to go medium-firm or even harder mattress.

Can a firm mattress hurt your back?

Usually, a firm mattress cannot hurt your back unless and until it is misaligned. That is why the quality of the mattress matters a lot. When all the layers are properly aligned and you get proper conformity, the mattress won’t be hurting your back.

Once you go through the list above, you will not have to worry about comparing hundreds of mattresses because you suffer from back and shoulder pain. These are the best ones to help you tackle back and shoulder pain and eliminate it with consistent use. Use the buying guide and choose between these mattresses to get relief from back and shoulder pain and improve your sleep quality simultaneously.

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