Best mattress for heavy side sleepers with shoulder pain – Top 3 best mattress for heavy side sleepers with shoulder pain reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

People who sleep on the side exert a lot of weight on their shoulders and side. That is why, if you’re a heavy side sleeper and are already suffering from shoulder pain, choose your mattress carefully. Only the right mattress can provide you with proper relief.

However, instead of going through hundreds of mattresses to pick such a mattress, go through my list of the best mattress for heavy side sleepers with shoulder pain below. Once you do so, you will be choosing the best mattress according to your requirements. Should you have any confusion, you can refer to the buying guide below.

1. Nectar Medium Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress


The reason this mattress is suitable for heavy side sleepers, especially those who are suffering from shoulder pain, is because of the numerous layers. These layers provide a medium-firm feel. That is why; you won’t face excessive shoulder pain. The relief that it provides to different pressure points in your body ensures that your pain will actually reduce.

When you look at the layers included, the topmost layer consists of a quilted pool cover. The layer is breathable in design. The breathable design ensures that it will cool down your body and help with blood circulation. It will certainly help you sleep better.

Beneath it is 3-inches of gel memory foam. Gel memory foam conforms to your body. Moreover, the gel ensures that the memory foam does not heat up, and once again, your body will remain at a comfortable temperature.

The next layer has 2 inches of dynamic adjusting foam. This is the reason it is suitable for heavy side sleepers. The dynamic foam matches your body. That is why, even when sleeping on the side, it provides you with proper comfort.

To stabilize the mattress, the next layer is a 7-inch layer of foam. The base layer ensures that no matter how much you move around, you will remain comfortable on this mattress.

The bottommost layer is a slip-resistant cover. It ensures that the mattress will not move an inch because of you moving around.

All these layers make it easy for you to sleep on the side even if you’re suffering from shoulder pain.

Since these layers run along the length of the mattress, they can relieve pressure from every pressure point. That is why the level of comfort which you get is excellent.

You get to choose between six different size options as well. It means that whichever type of bed you have, you can use this mattress easily.

The uniform construction of the mattress ensures that you won’t feel any lumps even when you’ve been using this mattress for years together.

Another unique cooling feature is the aloe-based gel layer which it consists of. Aloe vera not only provides a cooling effect but also eliminates any kind of odor. Because of the same, you won’t have to discard this mattress because of foul odor after a few months of use.

The excellent support that this mattress provides is one of the reasons you should go with it.

  • Extremely stable
  • Has a cooling effect
  • Available in different size options
  • Releases pressure from different points of your body
  • Uniform construction
  • Medium firmness
  • Water-resistant
  • Breathable design
  • Doesn’t come with a manual

2. Sweetnight Mattress in Box


The best feature of this mattress is, it is not only available in four different size options but two thickness options. Today, I will go into the details of the 12-inch variant. Apart from that, it has a 10-inch variant as well.

Now, I will highlight different layers in the 12-inch variant.

Just below the cover is the gel memory foam layer. The advantage of this layer is that it provides proper conformity to your body. That is why even if you are a heavy side sleeper; it can provide proper support to your body. Since it provides support to the length and breadth of your body, you won’t have to worry about shoulder pain either.

Below the gel memory foam layer is the comfort foam layer. The aim of this layer is to relieve the pressure from your body and eliminate any pain you are feeling. Since this mattress consists of a special layer that can help you relieve the pain, it is perfect for people suffering from shoulder pain.

Even though it is perfect for the side sleeper but it is suitable for back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

The bottommost layer is high-density support foam which reinforces the gel memory foam layer on top. Another advantage of this layer is that it stabilizes the entire mattress. Also, this layer ensures that the mattress does not sag even when you’re using it for years together.

It is the layer that offers medium firmness to the mattress as well.

As you can see, every layer of this mattress is specifically chosen to ensure that you can sleep on the side and do not suffer from any pain either.

Another advantage of this mattress is that it has a flippable design. You can sleep on the side which you want.

Apart from the different layers, the mattress also offers you three different zones. The zones adjust to the weight of your body, and therefore it becomes easy for you to sleep on this mattress irrespective of your weight.

While the gel-infused memory foam layer is primarily included to ensure that your body temperature remains controlled, there is another advantage. This layer reduces the motion transfer as well. Because of the same, even if you move around a lot, your partner will not notice your moment and will be able to sleep comfortably.

The design of the mattress is such that it is breathable. This is why the body temperature will remain in control.

Up until now, I haven’t spoken about the cover. The cover is ventilated and extremely soft. It will not result in any pressure on the skin.

This mattress can help you relieve pain and is perfect for side sleepers. That is why it is an excellent buy.

  • Available in different size and thickness options
  • Breathable design
  • Excellent stability
  • Flippable design
  • Reduces pain
  • Conforms to your body
  • Medium firm design
  • Edge support can be better.

3. CHITA Premium Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress


Similar to the above mattress, this mattress is also available in two different thickness variants. However, these thickness variants are 11 inches and 14 inches. That is why, if you’re looking for a thicker mattress than the ones listed above, this one is certainly an excellent choice. Today, I will shed light on the 14-inch variant.

Since the mattress is thicker than the above ones, the layers are also more. This mattress consists of 5 layers in total.

The layer on top is the cooling ice cover. It is specifically designed to be gentle on your skin. The reason it has a cooling effect is because of its breathability. So, even if you are a heavy side sleeper, you will not suffer from excessive sweating because of this cover.

Below that is the 3-inch gel memory foam. As we all know, gel memory foam conforms to your body. It means that it will conform to your side sleeping position and relieve pressure from your shoulders and other parts of the body. Additional softness is provided by the 3 inches soft foam layer below. It helps in the stabilization of the mattress. Even though it consists of soft foam but it does not sag at all.

One of the primary reasons this layer does not sag is because of the 8-inch high-density foam layer below it. This layer stabilizes the entire mattress. Also, it ensures that the mattress can even be used on beds with slats.

The combination of these five layers is such that the mattress is entirely stable and helps you in reducing pain by conforming to your body. That is the reason why I have selected this mattress.

The mattress is also fiberglass free. That is why, if you’re allergic to fiberglass, this mattress can serve you well.

The mattress evenly distributes your weight and conforms to your body. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it alleviates pressure from various points of your body and thus relieving shoulder pain.

The medium firmness of the mattress means that everyone would be comfortable with this mattress.

The comfort that this mattress provides for heavy side sleepers is the reason why it is a good buy.

  • Fiberglass free
  • Available in different size and thickness options
  • Consist of efficient five layers
  • Conforms to your body
  • Cooling effect on offer
  • Medium firmness
  • Packaging needs to be better.

Sleeping on any of these mattresses on the side can keep you comfortable even if you’re a heavy side sleeper and suffering from shoulder pain. To be doubly sure, you can get some comfortable pillows as well, like Zoey Sleep Memory Foam Bed Pillows for Sleeping on Side. These pillows along with any of the mattress above can make you even more comfortable. To choose between the mattresses above check out the buying guide below.

Best mattress for heavy side sleepers with shoulder pain buying guide

Things to consider before buying the best mattress for heavy side sleepers with shoulder pain:
To choose between the above mattresses, compare them on parameters like:

• Supportive layers:

You might really need a mattress which consist of supportive layers. This can include gel memory foam layer or adaptive foam layer. These conform to your body and therefore even if you are a heavy side sleeper, you will not suffer from any pain because the supportive layer will provide support throughout the length of your body.

• Cooling design:

Since you are a heavy sleeper, it is a good idea to go with the mattress with a cooling effect. It should offer proper breathability as well. That way, your body temperature will be better regulated, blood circulation will be proper and you can sleep better without any pain.

• Overall thickness:

When you are a heavy sleeper, it is a good idea to go with the mattress which is at least 10 inches thick if not more. Anything other than that and you will not get proper support to sleep on the side.

• Firmness:

To truly get proper support and sleep comfortably in the mattress, choose one which has medium firmness. Only then you can sleep on the side and not suffer from shoulder pain.


Is Nectar mattress good for heavy side sleepers?

Yes, Nectar mattress specially the one which offers medium firmness is a good option for heavy side sleepers. It offers proper support throughout the length and breadth of your body and thus reducing shoulder pain.

What firmness of mattress is advisable for shoulder pain?

Medium firmness is proper for anyone who is suffering from shoulder pain. It is also suitable for heavy side sleepers with shoulder pain.

How can I sleep on my side without hurting my shoulder?

The best ways to use a medium firmness mattress which has various supportive layers along with comfortable pillows like Zoey Sleep Memory Foam Bed Pillows for Sleeping on Side. That way, you won’t have to worry about hurting your shoulder or suffering from any kind of pain.

Using the list above and the buying guide, choosing a mattress for heavy side sleepers with shoulder pain is certainly easy. Since the list has been compiled after extensive research, by choosing between these mattresses, you can save a lot of time and go with a comfortable mattress.

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