Best mattress for side sleepers and hotflashes – Top 3 best mattress for side sleepers and hotflashes reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Mattresses that can cool your body can help you sleep better even when you experience hot flashes. However, knowing which mattress has such cooling effects is not easy. To help you with the same, I’ve gone through numerous mattresses and the layers they contain to shortlist and compile a list of the three best mattresses for side sleepers and hot flashes.

When you go with these mattresses, you can sleep on the side and experience the hot flash without disturbing your sleep.

1. TUFT & NEEDLE 2020 Mint Full Mattress


When you’re suffering from hot flashes, it is necessary to go with a mattress that can keep your body cool. It helps improves your blood circulation and sleep better. To understand why this mattress fulfills that requirement, you have to look at the various layers on offer.

The top layer consists of adaptive foam. The advantage of adaptive foam is that it conforms to your body; therefore, even when you sleep on the side, you will remain extremely comfortable.
The real magic, however happens in the layer below that. It consists of heat wicking graphite layer. Along with graphite, it consists of cooling gel as well. The advantage of cooling gel is that it will lower your body temperature when you’re suffering from hot flashes. It comes with a breathable cover to ensure that this layer can cool down your body. Because of the same, the effect of cooling gel is easily propagated to your body.

Beneath that is the ceramic gel layer. It is right in the middle. This layer provides proper support to your body and prevent any kind of sinking. Despite the prevention of sinking, it makes the mattress soft.

The base, of course, is extra firm. It is extra firm to ensure that the mattress has proper head support. The edges are reinforced as well. That is why the base is extra firm, but the softer layers on top make the mattress medium firm.

One of the layers consists of mint infusion. The advantage of mint infusion is that you won’t have to worry about odor. Not only that, it prevents the growth of bacteria, viruses, and germs as well. That is why you won’t have to worry about any allergies even when using the mattress for years together.

With six different size options, it is easy to choose one which is perfect for your bed.

Since multiple layers of this bed can help you cool down your body, it is a great option if you’re going through hot flashes.

  • Multiple cooling layers incorporated
  • Medium firmness
  • Available in different size options
  • Breathable cover
  • Avoids sinking
  • Conforms to your body type
  • Suitable for any sleeping position
  • Odor resistance can be higher.

2. ZINUS Ultra Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress


The advantage of this mattress is that it consists of multiple cooling layers. Because of the same, even if you experience a hot flash while sleeping on this mattress, your body temperature will be better regulated, and your sleep quality will improve.

It consists of three different thickness levels. You can go with the 8-inch variant, 10-inch variant, or 12-inch thickness variant. Today, I will go into the details of the 12-inch thickness variant.

The layer on top of the 12-inch thickness variant is a soft cover. The design is such that the cover is breathable and, therefore, extremely cool to touch. Because of the same, your body will remain at a lower temperature while sleeping on this mattress.

Below the cover is 3 inches of cooling gel-infused memory foam. The job of the gel infusion is to lower the temperature and dissipate the heat. The memory foam conforms to your body. Because of the same, even when sleeping on the side, it will provide you with proper support. Because of the same, it is easy to better regulate your body’s temperature.

Below that layer is the foam layer of 4 inches. This layer provides stability to the mattress. Because of this layer, the mattress will not sink or sag. Also, it provides proper support to your body, so your entire body is at a proper level rather than sinking into the mattress.

It is another characteristic of this layer. It consists of Green tea extract infusion. The advantage of green tea extract infusion is that it can eliminate odor. That is why, even if you use this mattress for months together, there will be no odor, and the mattress will always smell fresh.

Below this is the 5-inch base foam layer which ensures that the mattress will remain in place. Because of the same, there is no need to adjust the mattress again and again. This layer also consists of Green tea extract. It means that the odor elimination capacity of this mattress is much higher than others.

All the layers of this mattress are designed such that they support proper airflow. Because of the same, your body will cool down when you experience a hot flash, so your sleep will not be disturbed.

The advantage of all these layers is that they provide medium firmness. It means that neither the mattress is soft nor is it too hard. Also, the mattress can handle a weight of 500 lbs without suffering from any wear and tear. That is why this mattress can serve you well even if you’re a heavy sleeper.

Besides three thickness variants, there are numerous size options available. It means that buying the one perfectly compatible with your bed size is certainly possible.

The multiple cooling layers, along with the pressure-relieving foam design and the excellent conformity that this mattress has on offer, certainly make it a reliable choice.

  • Available in different thickness and size variants
  • Multiple cooling layers on offer
  • Odor elimination capacity
  • High weight handling capacity
  • Medium firmness
  • Conforms to your body
  • Breathable layers
  • Packaging needs to be better.

3. GhostBed Classic Gel Memory Foam & Latex Mattress


The 11-inch thickness of this mattress is perfect for side sleepers. The layers are such that it is suitable for anyone who suffers from hot flashes.

To better understand why it is such a good mattress, you have to look at its exact layers.

It consists of a removable cover on top. However, the cover is breathable and supports ventilation. Because of the same, keeping your body at a comfortable temperature becomes easier.

Below that is the non-allergenic latex foam. Usually, you might think that latex foam might not be breathable. However, it is not true. The design of the latex foam is such that it is aerated. Because of the same, it facilitates ventilation.

The layer below that is gel memory foam. Memory foam conforms to your body type. The advantage of gel is that it supports heat dissipation and keeps your body at a lower temperature. That is why you will still get proper support when sleeping on the side. You will not sink into the mattress because of this layer.

The lowest layer is the high-density base. It provide proper support to all the above layers. That is why the mattress will not sink. Also, the high-density base means that the mattress won’t move around. If you’re looking for a stable mattress that will remain in place when you move around the mattress, this layer can help you.

Also, due to the different sizes available, it is easy to buy one according to your bed frame.

The high-density foam of this mattress is another advantage. It provides support for proper spine alignment. That is why; you won’t suffer from any pain by using this mattress. Also, the base layer ensures that there is no motion transfer. Consequently, it becomes easier for you to move around in sleep without disturbing your partner.

The mattress offers you medium firmness. That is why, whether you sleep on the side or in any other position, this mattress will provide you with proper comfort.

Thus, if you’re looking for a mattress with cooling gel memory foam in ample quantity to help you with hot flashes, this one certainly meets that requirement.

  • Well ventilated design
  • Available in different size options
  • Cooling gel memory foam on offer
  • Extremely stable
  • Isolates motion
  • Medium firmness
  • Odor resistance could be higher.

Now that you know the mattresses that can cool down your body and help you sleep on the side, it is time to understand how to compare them and choose the right one.

Best mattress for side sleepers and hot flashes buying guide

Things to consider before buying the best mattress for side sleepers and hot flashes:
To compare the mattresses, you have to consider the parameters:

• Cooling effect:

It is important to look at the cooling effect of the mattresses. For the same, you must go through the mattress’s layers. The mattress should have gel memory foam as well as a breathable design. Only when it consists of both of these will it have the right cooling effect, which can help you maintain body temperature better.

• Comfort:

It is important to look at the level of comfort this mattress offers. Since you’re sleeping on the side, it should provide proper support across the length of your body. It is worth buying only when it releases pressure from different points of your body.

• Firmness:

If you truly want to sleep on the side without experiencing any pain, you have to go with a mattress with medium firmness.

• Size options:

There is no point in shortlisting the mattress and then finding out that it is not available in the size of your bed. Because of the same, you need to look at the size options available and then take a call.


What to sleep in when you have hot flashes?

It is a good idea to go with the cooling mattress, which has a breathable design if you are experiencing hot flashes. It will help you regulate your temperature and sleep comfortably.

Why do I have a hot flash every time I wake up?

During sleep, your estrogen levels can go down; therefore, your body becomes sensitive to temperature changes resulting in a hot flash. The hot flash is the body’s mechanism to cool it down.

Thus, if you’re looking for a mattress to help you sleep on the side and tackle hot flashes better, simply go through my guide above, and choose such a mattress in no time.

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