Best mattress for side sleepers over 200 pounds – Top 3 Best mattress for side sleepers over 200 pounds reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Many people prefer to sleep on the side. Even those over 200 pounds often prefer to sleep on the side as they can better manage their body weight.

Choosing the right mattress to sleep comfortably in that position is important. We have shortlisted the best mattress for side sleepers over 200 pounds below.

1. Classic Brands Cool Gel Chill Memory Foam Mattress


There are multiple reasons why this mattress is such a good choice for anyone who is a side sleeper and especially over the weight of 200 lbs. To start with, it has medium firmness. That is why you won’t sink into the mattress even when sleeping on the side.

To truly understand why it is beneficial for someone who is a side sleeper, it is important to look at the layers.

For starters, it has a thickness of 14 inches. It means that the mattress is certainly not thin. Consequently, it becomes easier for you to get proper support on this mattress.

On the top, you get 3.5 inches of gel memory foam. The cooling effect of this gel memory foam ensures that your body will remain at a comfortable temperature no matter the weather in the room.

Beneath this layer is the 2-inch cloud support foam. While it conforms to your body, it does not allow you to sink. It also has a cooling effect. Consequently, it becomes easy for you to remain at a comfortable temperature.

The base layer consists of 8.5 inches of high-density foam. This layer doesn’t allow you to sink into the bed. Besides that, the high thickness of 8.5 inches ensures that the mattress remains stable no matter how much you move around.

Two of the three layers have a cooling effect, which is why you will remain comfortable in any weather.

The medium firmness ensures that you won’t sink into the mattress even when you’re over 200 lbs. Besides that, the firmness is medium, so it is not excessively hard either.

The memory foam used inside this mattress consists of an open cell design. If you have tried memory foam previously, you will realize that the open cell one has proper breathability. Consequently, it becomes easy for you to remain comfortable in this mattress.

Along with this mattress, you get two memory foam pillows as well. When sleeping on the side, extremely comfortable pillows are needed. Since you get them with this mattress, you will not have to buy them separately.

Also, you get six different size options as well. That is why; finding the mattress according to the size of your bed is certainly going to be an easy task.

The cooling effect of this mattress, along with the medium firmness and high weight carrying capacity, makes it perfect for side sleepers over 200 lbs.

  • Available in six size options
  • Excellent cooling effect
  • Medium firmness
  • Extremely stable
  • 14-inch thickness
  • Conforms to your body
  • Doesn’t sink
  • Packaging can be better.

2. Sweetnight Gel Memory Foam Mattress


The mattress that I am highlighting now has a thickness of 10 inches and 12 inches. Among the two variants available, the 12 inches is a better option for side sleepers over 200 lbs.

To better understand, it is time to look at the various layers of this mattress.

On the top is a breathable cover. Because of the same, your body will remain at a comfortable temperature when sleeping on this mattress.

Below the cover is the gel memory foam layer. The gel-infused design means that it will once again keep your body cool. You won’t have to worry about excessive sweating because of the same.

Below this layer is the pressure relieving layer. It helps you get rid of pain even when sleeping on the side. Not only that, it can isolate the motion. That is why your partner will not get disturbed no matter how much you move around on this mattress.

Below that is the high-density base foam. It is responsible for keeping the mattress stable. Apart from that, it provides medium firmness to the mattress. It is the layer that prevents sagging. Because of the same, it becomes easy for you to sleep comfortably on this mattress.

The cover is not only breathable but also skin friendly. It means that when your body comes in direct contact with the cover, you won’t have to worry about rashes or other problems.

Even though it is perfect for side sleepers, that doesn’t mean you can’t sleep on the back or the stomach. It is suitable for all sleeping positions.

The quality of foam in the mattress also plays a really important role. If it is a substandard foam, it can result in allergic reactions and other such problems. However, this mattress is devoid of such foam. All the foam used in this mattress is extremely friendly to the skin and does not result in any reactions.

Also, this mattress is available in different size options. That is why buying one according to your bed size is easy.

Its stability, medium firmness, and excellent support make it a good choice for side sleepers with over 200 pounds.

  • Medium firmness
  • Breathable design
  • Cooling effect on offer
  • Suitable for any sleeping position
  • Available in different size options
  • Pressure relieving design
  • Available in two thickness variants
  • Edge support can be better

3. Live and Sleep Resort Memory Foam Mattress


There are two aspects of this memory foam mattress that make it unique. The first one is the 3-inch premium memory foam. That certainly supports your body’s entire length when sleeping on the side. That is why you can sleep comfortably on the side, no matter your weight.

Besides, that has the 3-inch airflow-infused convoluted foam. The advantage of this foam is that it can keep your body well-ventilated. That is why blood circulation is better, and you will have a relaxed sleep throughout the night.

Apart from that, this mattress has many other layers that make it comfortable for side sleepers over 200 lbs.

To start with, this mattress consists of a high-density support base. It means that your partner will be extremely comfortable even if you move around in sleep. Also, the stable base means that the mattress will not move. Consequently, you won’t have to worry about adjusting the positioning of the mattress again and again.

On top of the mattress, you get a soft fabric cover. It means that even if you have sensitive skin, you will not suffer any rashes or other side effects because of sleeping on this mattress.

Apart from side sleepers, this mattress is suitable for stomach and back sleepers.

The increased blood circulation that this mattress supports due to its well-ventilated design makes it easy to have a refreshing sleep. It means that it will help you eliminate the pain and improve your sleeping quality.

Of course, it is available in many sizes, so you can choose according to your bed frame.

Not only that, it is available in 3 different thickness options as well. The description that we have highlighted above is for the 12-inch variant.

This mattress’s refreshing sleep quality certainly makes it an excellent choice.

  • Available in different size and thickness options
  • Soft, breathable cover on top
  • Memory foam construction
  • Suitable for any sleeping position
  • Medium firmness
  • The Queen size isn’t accurate.

These are the best mattress available for side sleepers. Even if you are over 200 lbs, these mattresses can support you. To help you choose between these mattresses, look at the buying guide below.

Best mattress for side sleepers over 200 pounds buying guide

Things to consider before buying the best mattress for side sleepers over 200 pounds:
Compare the mattresses on parameters like:

• Type of layers:

To sleep on the side, especially when you’re over 200 lbs, it is important to choose a mattress that can provide support over the length of your body. This is where the type of layers in the mattress comes into the picture.

The upper layers should conform to your body type and pressure relieving. The lower levels should stabilize the mattress and ensure it doesn’t move around much, even if you change sides often.

• Ventilated design:

Whether the mattress provides proper ventilation will determine how comfortable you are while sleeping on it. It is good to choose a mattress that has a breathable cover. The uppermost layer should also be well-ventilated or have a cooling effect.

• Size options:

The mattress might be perfect, but if it is not available in the size of your bed frame, you cannot use that mattress at all. Because of the same, it is necessary to look at the size options available and, after that choose the mattress.

• Thickness:

Ideally, you need a mattress that is 10 inches thick or more. If you go with another mattress, it might not be able to avoid the sagging after a few months of use. Because of the same, it is important to choose a thick mattress. Only then can the mattress handle weight over 200 lbs

Compare both mattresses on this handful of parameters, and you shouldn’t have a problem choosing the right one.


What firmness of the mattress is best for side sleepers?

It is best to go with a mattress with medium firmness and at least 10 inches thick. Also, if the mattress has pressure-relieving properties, it is even better.

Is memory foam good for side sleepers?

Yes, memory foam is good for side sleepers; the upper layers of such a mattress conform to your body and therefore relieve the pressure from your body resulting in no body aches and comfortable sleep. The firmness should be medium so that you do not sink into the mattress.

Can Side sleepers use firm mattress?

Side sleepers shouldn’t use a firm mattress since it can increase pressure on their shoulders and hips, eventually leading to shoulder and hip pain.

Thus, if you’re over 200 pounds and sleep on the side, you should choose between these mattresses. Since the list is compiled after hours of research, you can save a lot of time and sleep comfortably by going with these mattresses.

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