Best mattress topper for back pain side sleepers – Top 3 Best mattress topper for back pain side sleepers reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

When sleeping on the side and suffering from back pain, you need to choose your mattress topper pretty carefully. If you choose the right one, it can provide proper support throughout the length of your body and thereby helping you eliminate pain.

To help you make this decision, I’ve gone through various mattress toppers to compile a list of the best options which will suit your requirements. Once you choose from the options below, you can have a comfortable night’s sleep and proper support throughout the length of your body.

1. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR Supreme 3-Inch Medium Firm Mattress Topper


The main advantage of this mattress is that it consists of memory foam filling. Because of the same, it can conform to your body. When it does that, you will get pressure relief across your body. That is why, even if you sleep on the side and use this mattress topper, it will actually eliminate your pain and allow you to sleep comfortably. That is the reason it is on top of my list.

When choosing a mattress topper, look at its thickness. This one measures 3 inches and consists of memory foam. That is why it does not add much to the thickness of the mattress.

It does not just consist of ordinary memory foam. Rather it consists of Tempur material with memory foam. The advantage is that it provides you with personalized comfort and support. It takes into account the temperature of your body, your weight as well as your sleeping position. Accordingly, it conforms. That is why, no matter how you sleep, you will always get proper support and comfort on this mattress.

Time and again, using the topper will surely result in dirt and contaminants getting accumulated on it. However, with this topper, you won’t face any such issues as well. That is because it comes with a washable cover. You can easily remove it and put it into the machine.

Another feature of the cover on top is that it is entirely breathable. That is why there will be no excessive sweating, and your body will be at a comfortable temperature when you’re using this topper.

In case you three need a thinner variant, it is available in the 2-inch variant as well. The 2-inch variant also consists of memory foam along with this material. Because of the same, you won’t have to worry about comfort.

As for the size options, it is available in 5 different sizes options. These size options ensure that you are always able to find a suitable mattress topper according to the type of mattress and the bed you have.

The medium form design ensures that it is not too soft and not too hard either. That is why, even if you change your sleeping position, this mattress topper will certainly serve you well.

Another advantage is that it is not infested with odor anytime soon. That means even if you’re using it for weeks together, there will be no foul odor coming from the mattress topper.

The design of the mattress topper is such that it will rest pretty well on the mattress. Due to the same, even if you move around, the topper won’t move around with you. That is why readjusting it, again and again, is certainly not required.

With all these features on offer, this is not only a great topper for side sleepers but also when you’re suffering from back pain.

  • Available in 3 inch and 2 inch thickness varying
  • Numerous size options available
  • Memory foam design
  • Breathable cover
  • Water resistant
  • Extremely stable
  • Suitable for any sleeping position
  • Medium firmness
  • Limited usage instructions

2. SealyChill™ Gel + Comfort Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If you prefer a thicker topper, this one of 4 inches is certainly a good option for you. Before you make up your mind, take a look at its features below.

There is a 1 inch cover on top. The down alternative below, it certainly adds to the comfort level. While it might be plush but the topper in itself is not that soft that you will sink into the topper. That is why it is suitable for side sleepers who have back pain.

When you look at the 3 inches below, it consists of gel infused memory foam. The memory foam design means that it can conform to your body easily. Because of the same, you get excellent support no matter which sleeping position you opt for. The adaptive and comfortable foam ensures that it will adjust to your body weight and shape. That is why, even if you’re on the bulky side, this one will provide you with proper support.

There is another advantage of this memory foam. It consists of gel infused design. The advantage of this gel infused to design is that it can keep your body temperature at a lower level. It means that your body will remain cool and your blood circulation will improve. Consequently when you wake up, you will feel fresh.

The cover which we spoke about is removable. If you want to wash it in the machine, you can do that easily. Since it comes with a zipper, installing it once again wouldn’t be a problem either.

The design of the topper is such that once you place it on the mattress, it will not move around much. Consequently, if you’re worried about the topper becoming unstable or having to adjust the topper again and again, that problem will not occur.

Of course, you can get this topper in different size variants. That is why, you can buy it according to the type of bed you have.

The installation procedure is relatively simple. You have to unroll it and place it on top of the mattress. That’s it! You have to just wait for it to attain its proper shape and thereafter, you can use it easily.

Thus, if you’re looking for a mattress topper which is easy to wash and provides excellent comfort, consider this one.

  • 4 inch thickness
  • Gel infused memory foam design
  • Available in different size options
  • Extremely stable
  • Suitable for any sleeping position
  • Comes with a removable cover
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Takes time to eliminate odor

3. Avenco Memory Foam Mattress Topper


The advantage is that it is available in 3 to 4 inch width. Because of the same, you can choose this topper exactly as per the thickness you want. Apart from that, it is available in different size options. It means that you can choose the size that goes well with the mattress you have. That way, buying a seamless one which fits your mattress perfectly is certainly possible.

Another reason why this topper is present on my list is because it consists of memory foam. The memory foam design makes it suitable for side sleepers, stomach sleepers as well as back sleepers. It will conform to the body, and therefore provide proper support over the entire body. This is the reason why if you use it long enough, you will be able to eliminate the pain which you are suffering from as well.

Moreover, the reversible design ensures that you will be able to choose between the different firmness levels as well. Both the ones provide different firmness. For example, there is a soft side and there is a form side as well. If you sleep on the side, you can choose the former options so that you are always able to get proper support.

By now, you already know that this mattress topper consist of memory foam. It means that support isn’t going to be an option. However, it consists of gel infused memory foam. Because of the same, it can keep your body well ventilated. It means that even if you sleep for long hours in the summer time on this topper, your body will not overheat. You need not worry about dehydration. The blood circulation will also improve as your body will be at appropriate temperature. All these features certainly ensure that you are extremely comfortable on this topper.

There is another advantage of this topper. It comes with a washable cover. You can remove the cover easily. There is a zipper which means that you can remove and install the cover without much of an effort. To ensure that the topper remains steady on the mattress, there are adjustable bands as well.

If you take the example of the 4 inch variant, the 4 inch thickness is divided into two parts. Of course, there is the cover on top but the thickness of the cover is negligible. Below that is the two inch gel infused memory foam. Below that is the 2 inch bamboo charcoal foam. If you keep the gel infused memory foam side upwards, you will get plush softness. If you keep the charcoal foam side up, you will get medium softness. Below the charcoal layer is once again the cover. It means that you can use any side.

Thus, if you’re looking for a mattress topper which offers dual firmness, you can go with this one.

  • Offers dual firmness
  • Different thickness variants available
  • Breathable design
  • Available in different size and thickness options
  • Removable cover on offer
  • Ventilation can be even more

Once you go through this list, choosing a mattress topper which can help you with back pain and is compatible with side sleeping position isn’t going to be an issue. If you’re still confused, simply refer to the buying guide below to choose between these options.

Mattress topper for back pain side sleepers buying guide

Things to consider before buying mattress topper for back pain side sleepers:

To choose between these mattress toppers, you should compare them on parameters like:

• Thickness:

The mattress topper needs to be between 2 to 4 inches thick. The thickness can vary according to your preference. If you have a thin mattress, going with the thicker mattress topper makes sense. Otherwise, you should go with a thinner mattress topper.

• Support:

Since you sleep on the side and have back pain as well, you need a mattress topper with the medium firmness. Also, the support should be such that it can conform to your body and provide you with support throughout the length and breadth of the body. Only when it conforms to your body, buying it is worth it.

• Ventilation:

Since you are stacking up a mattress topper on top of the mattress, it needs to be well ventilated. Otherwise your body temperature might increase while sleeping in this will impact the quality of sleep. That is why, get one which offers proper ventilation.

• Stability:

Readjusting the mattress topper again and again is not feasible. You need a mattress topper which remains in place. It should come with the stable cover all with straps which you can use to keep it stable. This might seem like a small feature to have but it is necessary when buying a mattress topper.

• Size options:

The mattress topper should exactly be of the size of the mattress. Otherwise, it will either be short or will hang outside the mattress. Both these aren’t ideal. That is why; go with the mattress topper which is available in the exact size of your mattress.


Is gel foam the same as memory foam?

No, gel formation same as memory foam. The gel form provides extra support to your body specially the net in the back and therefore is better than memory foam.

Is memory foam good for side sleepers?

Yes, memory foam is good for side sleepers since it conforms to your body and provides proper support throughout the length of your body and thereby helping you relieve pain.

When you’re looking for a mattress topper which is compatible with the side sleeping position and can help you relieve back pain, these are the options which you should choose from. Only after hours of research, I’ve compiled this list and therefore these are the best to mattress toppers you can go with.

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