Best mattress without box spring – Top 3 best mattress without box spring reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

Not always; you will need a box spring. When you’re only looking for a mattress, you will have too many options. The problem is that comparing every option is not an easy task.

To help you solve this problem, I’ve gone through numerous such mattresses to compile a list of the three best mattresses without box spring. Once you check the list below and the buying guide, going with the best mattress without a box spring be easy.

1. Nectar 12 Inch – Medium Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress


This mattress is on top of my list because it provides you with five layers. The cumulative effect of these five layers is such that the level of comfort you get is excellent.

When you look at the layer on top, it consists of a quilted cover. That is because of the cooling technology which the cover has on offer. That can reduce your body’s temperature and help you regulate it better.

Below that is 3 inches of gel memory foam. As we all know, gel memory foam can conform to your body and provide an excellent layer of protection.

The third layer consists of a dynamic adjusting form. That is 2 inches. The dynamic support ensures that the mattress adjusts according to your body’s weight. Consequently, you will have a comfortable night’s sleep even if you sleep for long hours. The dynamic support foam ensures that even if you’re suffering from pain in any part of the body, it will relieve the pain because of proper conformity.

The base layer of any mattress is pretty essential. If the base layer is inappropriate, you won’t be able to adjust the mattress properly on the bed, and it can move around. You will not face any such problem with this mattress. That is because it consists of a 7-inch layer of foam in the base. It is designed in such a way that the mattress will remain in place and remain sturdy. Even if you’re using it on a bed with slats, it will not sag due to this base layer.

The bottommost layer is the shift-resistant layer. The job of this layer is to ensure that no matter how much you move around on the bed, the mattress will remain in its place. That is why; you will not have to worry about adjusting the mattress again and again.

Usually, when searching for a mattress, it might come in a couple of size options. However, this one comes in 6 size options. Consequently, choosing the mattress size according to the bed frame becomes easier.

Now that you know the various layers, it is time to understand what firmness it offers. It offers you medium firmness. The medium firmness also means that you will be highly comfortable whether you sleep on the side, stomach, or back. That is why; you won’t sink into the mattress. It is not that hard that you might suffer from body pain either.

The cumulative effect of all these layers is such that support is provided to all joints in your body. That is why it becomes easier to eliminate any pain.

Also, the quilted cover provides proper breathability. That is why; it can also help you regulate body temperature properly.

If you’re wondering about the total thickness, that is 12 inches. It means that the mattress is not too thick and not too thin either.

These features make it easy to understand why this mattress without a boxspring is on top of my list.

  • 12-inch thickness
  • Six different size options
  • Excellent support
  • Pressure-relieving design
  • Anti-slip design
  • Breathable
  • Medium firmness
  • Conforms to your body
  • Edge design can be better.

2. Leesa Sapira Hybrid 11″ Mattress


If you prefer a mattress thinner than the above option, you can certainly go ahead with this one. The thickness of this mattress is 11 inches. However, that’s not the only reason this mattress is on my list.

It has numerous other features which make it unique. To start with, it is a hybrid mattress. The advantage of a hybrid mattress is that it not only consists of good quality foam but also springs. This ensures that the hybrid mattress can handle significantly higher heat as well.

The best thing about this hybrid mattress is that it consists of 1000+ pocket springs. That is why; the level of support it offers is certainly better than many other mattresses. It can also provide proper support for hips, shoulders, back, and all over your body. You would suffer from any pain while using this mattress.

To truly understand why this mattress is so comfortable, it is time to look at the multiple layers.

On the top is a breathable cover. Your body will directly come in contact with this cover. A breathable layer ensures that you can regulate the temperature of your body in a much better way and therefore sleep comfortably.

Below that is the comfort layer. It provides proper support to your body and does not sag at all.

The third layer is the memory foam recovery layer. The job of this layer is to conform to the shape of your body. Due to the conformity, you get proper support all over your body.

Then comes the transition layer. This is the gel memory foam and the coils. The job of this layer is to ensure that you do not feel the coils’ effect on your body.

Below are the responsive support layers coils. They are individually wrapped. The advantage of individual wrapping is that they will not transfer any motion. Even if you twist around a lot, your partner will not experience any movement. That is what makes this mattress so unique.

The last layer is the base layer. It is the layer that keeps the mattress in place. It means it will not go off your bed even if you twist and turn a lot in your sleep.

If you’re tired of using a mattress that heats your body, you should go with this one. It will help you regulate your body temperature in a much better way. Every foam type used in this mattress provides proper breathability.

If you want to know about the firmness of this mattress, it can be categorized as relaxed foam. It means that it is not too firm and not too soft either. That is why it is suitable for any sleeping position.

There are six size options available. Due to the same, it becomes easy to choose one according to your bed frame.

With all the necessary features and motion isolation, this mattress can provide a comfortable night’s sleep.

  • Relaxed firmness
  • Individually wrapped in springs
  • Offers motion isolation
  • Reduces pressure
  • Does not sag
  • Breathable layer on top
  • Mattress is heavy

3. Casper Sleep Element Mattress


Not everyone needs a medium-firm mattress. Some of you might prefer a mattress that is a bit more firm. If that is your requirement, then this mattress will serve you well.

It means that the mattress will provide you with not only support but also higher firmness than your usual mattress as well.

Apart from this, it is essential to look at the different layers of the mattress. Only when you take into account the layers can you determine whether it will be comfortable for you or not.

The top layer consists of perforations that provide you with proper airflow. No matter in which weather you are sleeping on this mattress, it will help you regulate the temperature of your body in a much better way because of these perforations. That is why; it provides you with proper comfort from the heat.

This layer has a durable base form. The job of this foam is to prevent the sinking and sagging of the mattress. Even when you place it on slides, there will be no sagging because of the excellent durability of this foam. Not only that, it contours your body. That is why, despite being extremely sturdy, it will conform to your body type, which will help you get proper support over the entire body.

The body contouring layer is between the base layer and the perforated layer. It provides a cozy feeling to the one sleeping on the bed. However, it still offers proper support for your body, which means there will be no pain if you use this mattress.

Another feature of this mattress is that it is eco-friendly. That is because it is made from recycled materials. Thus, if you’re looking for a greener mattress than the ordinary one, this one meets the requirement.

You can choose between six different size options while going with this mattress. Also, the cumulative thickness is 10 inches, making it easy for you to get proper comfort while using this mattress.

The simplicity of this mattress, along with the excellent breathability, gives you no reason to complain.

  • Excellent breathability
  • 10-inch thickness
  • Sturdy base layer on offer
  • Conforms to your body type
  • Available in six-size options
  • Packaging needs to be better

These are the best options that you have when looking for a mattress without a box spring. I understand that it is not that easy to choose between these options. To help you out, I will cover a buying guide below, which will let you know how you can compare these mattresses to choose the right one.

Mattress without box spring buying guide

Things to consider before buying a mattress without a box spring:

You should compare these mattresses on parameters like:

• Firmness:

Not everyone needs the same level of firmness in a mattress. Some might go with medium firmness, whereas others might have a relaxed firmness level.

A lot depends on your personal preference. That is why, when comparing the mattresses above, consider the mattress’s firmness level before deciding.

• Layers of the mattress:

No mattress consists of just a single layer. Most mattresses consist of at least 2 to 3 layers. However, rather than just looking at layers, it is essential to look at the materials in these layers.

A few materials can undoubtedly make the mattress comfortable for you.

For example, when choosing such a mattress, make sure it consists of gel memory foam. That is because gel memory foam makes the mattress conform to your body and provides proper support and comfort.

Similarly, the layer on top should be extremely smooth. I’m speaking about the cover. Also, this cover should be breathable. That way, it becomes really easy to regulate your body temperature. When your body temperature is regulated, your blood circulation will be better. That will help you improve your health over time.

Not only that but properly regulated body temperature also means you will have a relaxed sleep.

That is why, when choosing a mattress, look at these two layers.

• Slip resistant:

We all move around in our sleep. If the mattresses are not slip-resistant, they can slide by at least 1 or 2 inches. This might not seem like much to you. However, it can make the mattress go off the bed slightly. Not only that, but it can also disturb your partner’s sleep.

There is a simple solution to this problem. Always choose a mattress with a slip-resistant base layer. That way, the mattress will remain in place even if you move around in sleep. You will not have to worry about readjusting the mattress repeatedly, but just because you moved around last night.

• Thickness:

You’re searching for a mattress without the box spring. That is why it is important to always look at the mattress’s thickness.

Many consumers might think that a mattress should be thicker. However, that is not true. Ideally, when choosing a mattress, the total thickness should be between 8 and 14 inches. Of course, this will be divided between different layers, but anything thicker than 14 inches means it will be too thick and might not be that stable.

• Size options:

One thing you cannot compromise on is the mattress size. You shouldn’t go with a mattress approximately the size of your bed frame. You need to buy a mattress exactly the size of your bed frame. To make it easy to find the right size, always go with the mattress available in numerous size options. That way, you can find the most accurate size easily.

Once you compare the mattresses on these parameters, you can choose between the above options easily.

I understand that you might have a few questions about such mattresses. That is why; I will answer the FAQs below.


Can you buy just a mattress without the box springs?

Yes, you can certainly buy a mattress without a box spring. You can use such mattresses in conjunction with the box spring you might already have or on a stand-alone basis. The choice is yours.

Can I put a mattress on a bed frame without a box spring?

It is possible to put a mattress on the bed frame without any box spring.

Can I use slats instead of a box spring?

Yes, it is possible to use slats instead of box springs. It is a frame made of slats. It will provide excellent support to the mattress.

What is the point of a box spring?

The use of a box spring is to support the mattress. It is placed underneath the mattress to provide proper support. Not only that, it provides extended height to the mattress as well. Additionally, it absorbs any kind of impact on the mattress as well. That is why the life of the mattress gets extended.

It is certainly possible to buy a mattress without a box spring. You can easily go through the options of choosing a mattress without the box spring. I’ve gone through numerous mattresses to compile this list. That is why, if you want to save hours in research and go with the best mattress without a boxspring, refer to the list above and choose one.

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