Queen bed frame with headboard and footboard attachments – Top 3 best queen size bed frame with headboard and footboard attachments reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ

If you’re looking for a bed that is aesthetically pleasing and offers the complete package, it is a good idea to get a queen bed frame. It should come with a headboard as well as a footboard. That way, you won’t have to worry about buying anything separately.

Today, I have compiled a list of such beds so that you can easily buy a queen bed that comes with a headboard and footboard attachments. I will also share with you a buying guide to choose between these three queen bed frames easily.


1. Rosevera Turin Upholstered High-Profile Footboard Panel Bed



The advantage of this queen bed is that it comes with a headboard, footboard, and rails. That is why assembling is undoubtedly easy.

Not only that, it is available in 3 different color options.

The tufted design of the headboard matches the footboard. That is why it is aesthetically pleasing. The padded headboard design means that it is extremely comfortable and won’t result in a hard headboard.

The woodblock footboard means that the bed is quite sturdy.

The handcrafted design ensures that it is unique and highly durable.

The sleek design is another reason you should go with this queen bed frame.

Along with the other accessories, it comes with all the hardware as well. That is why, for assembling it, you won’t need to get into anything extra.

When looking for a cozy bed that is extremely durable and is available in different color options, you can certainly consider this option.

  • Padded headboard
  • Tufted design
  • Available in 3 color options
  • Easy to assemble
  • Handcrafted design
  • Packaging can be better

2. Plank+Beam PB312-002 Solid Wood Queen-Size Bed


With four different color options, you have plenty of choices when going with this queen bed.

The timeless design ensures that you won’t have to worry about the aesthetics or the decor of your home. Not only that, the footboard is designed in such a way that it protects the area underneath the bed from the view. That is why; the bed is quite sturdy as well.

The pinewood construction means that it will last for years together. Also, it is non-toxic in design which makes it safe for any room. You not only get all the parts of the bed but also matching hardware. That is why; installation is not going to be a problem.

The weight carrying capacity of 500 lbs means that it is suitable for two adults. The under-bed support further strengthens the weight carrying capacity.

The dimensions are 85.5″ x 64″ x 36.5″. The height of the headboard is 36.5 inches.

The multi-slat design means that you can use any mattress. You do not require the box spring as well.

You can assemble it in under a couple of hours. You need two people to assemble it. You get all the hardware and assembly tools for the same.

Along with the pinewood, it uses the MDF material to provide additional support as well.

The excellent finish means that it can be the center of attraction of your bedroom.

With so many features on offer, you cannot go wrong with it.

  • Comes with a headboard and footboard
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent finish
  • High weight carrying capacity
  • Limited instructions

3. AMBEE21 Victorian Queen Metal Bed Frame with Headboard and Footboard


The advantage of this heavy-duty queen bed frame is that it is pretty sturdy. The steel metal slats ensure that the support is excellent. That is why; it is a good enough option for gel mattresses, latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, etc.

The design is such that it does not result in any noise. The antiskid protection ensures that the mattress will always remain in place. The footboard, as well as the headboard, is another reason why it is pretty stable.

The vertical clearance is 13 inches. That is why; storing something underneath the bed is undoubtedly possible.

The bed can be easily assembled as well. The hardware which you need for the assembling of this bed is included. You won’t have to worry about buying anything extra. Not only that, the detailed instructions ensure that assembling it isn’t going to be an issue.

The premium finish ensures that the bed is aesthetically pleasing.

The design of the bed is such that it is suitable for kids, adults, and teenagers. That is why it is good enough for any room.

You won’t require any box spring for using this bed. That is why; you will be able to buy any mattress directly.

When you prefer a metal queen bed frame, this is the one which you should go with.

  • Metal construction
  • High vertical clearance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Premium finish
  • Highly versatile
  • Packaging needs improvement

While searching for a queen bed frame along with a headboard and footboard, these are the three good enough options. Also, to choose between these three options, I will share with you a buying guide below.

Queen bed frame with headboard and footboard attachments buying guide

The buying guide will let you know how to compare these queen bed frames and choose the right one.

Things to consider before buying a queen bed frame with headboard and footboard attachments

While comparing these queen bed frames, you should consider things like:

• Construction quality:

The bed can be made from metal, wood, or MDF boards. All these three are incredibly reliable. That is why only when the beds are made from these three materials can you go ahead with it.

• Aesthetics:

You cannot ignore the looks of the bed while choosing one. You have to find out whether it is the retro look, modern look, or timeless design. Only when it matches the decor of your room can you go ahead with the bed.

• Assembling:

Essentially, the queen bed frame should come with the hardware. It should include detailed assembling instructions as well. In that case, it is easy to assemble, and therefore you can go with that bed.

• Mattress compatibility:

If the bed frame needs a box spring, you will have to spend more money to use the bed. However, if you buy a bed that does not require a box spring, you can use any mattress, and therefore it will be more affordable to use that bed frame.

Compare the 3 Queen bed frames on the four parameters above, and you will be able to choose the right one. I will also share answers to FAQs to help you choose between these queen bed frames.



How much weight can a queen bed frame with headboard and footboard attachments handle?

Such bed frames can easily handle around 500 lbs because of the headboard and footboards, which make them sturdy.

Are such beds easy to assemble?

Most bed frames which I have highlighted above are easy to assemble. That is because they come with assembling instructions and hardware.

Is the headboard of the queen bed frame with headboard and footboard attachments upholstered?
In the first two options, the headboard is upholstered. However, in the 3rd option, the headboard is of metal and therefore not upholstered.

Instead of going through hundreds of options to choose the queen bed frame, which comes with a headboard as well as a footboard, you have to really go through my list above. I spent hours selecting these three options, and therefore they are the best in their category. Along with the buying guide and answers to FAQs, choosing such a bed becomes easy once you go through my list above.


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